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The kids these days

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   Now that our little darling’s are back at school a universal sigh of relief was breathed by all of the stay-at-home parents and grandparents nationwide. I’m sure that tears were shed when the kids got on the school bus for the first day of school. The only question is were they sad tears or tears of joy? And I might have heard over the breathing and crying the soft echo of champagne corks popping.

   I’m sure that the local retailers were happy to see the new school year start. There was some serious cash being thrown around on school supplies, clothes and electronic equipment. I’m glad I’m not putting kids through school anymore. Even when I was, more than once I went through the argument concerning what was proper attire and how much it was worth.

   Have you seen some of the outfits being favored by the younger set? The boy’s trousers seemed to be designed by Emmet Kelly and the some of the girls seemed to be putting on their makeup like Emmet too.

   Then there is this cell phone and texting thing that is currently the rage. Is it really necessary to send a text message to a person you just saw 10 minutes ago? What could have happened in the intervening time since you last saw that person?

     Ah, the kids these days. They are no way like us who were the pride and joy of our parents. Getting straight ‘A’s in school, never disobeying, respectful of our elders, always dressing appropriately were all hallmarks of our generation. Yeah, right.

   There’s a fellow I went to school with who is a retired school principle, a member of every service organization in town and a deacon in his church. He still holds the all-time record for detention.

     But, I have to feel for the kids just a little bit. How many times are they going to have to endure lectures that all start with, “When I was your age…”  Let us not forget the tried and true, “When I was going to school I has to walk six miles, uphill both ways, in the snow with wolves nipping at my heels.”   

   However, this seems to be the way of the world. I can well imagine Socrates coming home after a hard day of trying to pound simple science into the heads of his students muttering, “Oh Zeus, what is with the kids of today?” Remember that the elements at that time were earth, water, fire and air and the little knotheads still couldn’t get it straight.

   Well, I got news. The kids are dealing with angst, rebellion, raging hormones and pressures we never had to face. But, they will come through it with flying colors. They will be the leaders someday and they will do just fine and, I hope, better than us. They will face problems and situations we can’t even imagine.

   And they will do a great job. © 2009 Harmony County


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December 30, 2009 at 4:42 p12

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