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Did you get wet?

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It has been a week since the President called the Health Care Summit with the Democratic and Republican leaders. If you missed it, just remember the ‘food fight’ scene from “Animal House” and you will get the picture.
All the politicos were on their best behavior since it was carried over the national networks. However, the sound was drowned out occasionally over what I thought was the sound of grinding teeth, many of which might have been expensive to replace.
My favorite guy from CNN, Wolf Blitzer, was running the coverage. He and his, “Best political team on TV”, were gushing all over the place. The lead gusher, John King, said when the President crossed Pennsylvania Avenue to go to Blair House where the meeting was being held, “The President shows his youthful vigor by walking across the street”.
Come on John, it may be 50 yards, tops. With the exception of FDR who was confined to a wheelchair, they all would have been youthfully vigorous. Though I will admit there would have been a couple who would have staggered a bit after lunch.
On the conservative side of the house the GOP seemed to be adamant in protecting the insurance industry. I’m not sure that protective of an industry that recorded, according to a CNN pundit, “a $12 billion profit while 3,000,000 Americans lost their insurance coverage”, is a good idea.
This supposed free exchange was rather slanted. Of the seven or so hours worth of honest debate the President and the Democrats spoke for around four and a half hours and the Republicans the remaining two and a half. I would not call that exactly balanced. All the speakers came across to me like the profs I used to hear at the 8 a.m. lectures in college.
As usual there were buzzwords used throughout the ‘debate’ by both sides. The term “doughnut hole” seemed to be favored by both sides. I think that it means repairing errors in current and proposed legislation. You can get a copy of the Summit and use it for a drinking game. One shot for each utterance of the phrase. Trust me you won’t last an hour.
What was the outcome? I don’t know. Here is what can happen. One, the Democrats ramrod the package, as is, down the throats of the Republicans. B, The six or so points that both parties agree to be passed and the remaining points debated until around 2459 AD. Three, the current bill goes into the trash and they start over.
One blogger made a good point. He suggested that congress doesn’t get healthcare until they pass a bill and then they must use the same care provisions.
When I was at the tender mercies of the Sisters of Charity I remember Sister Mary Elephant saying, “In a p…ing contest everyone gets wet”. I am very confident that the dry cleaners of Washington D.C. had a red-letter day on Friday.
I just hope we didn’t get too wet. © 2010, Harmony County


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March 7, 2010 at 4:42 p03

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