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Have you stopped beating your wife?

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You have to love our fellow Americans from California. If you want to see PC in action, all you need to do is follow any issue and find out what the California politicos are screeching about. ‘Thin-skinned’ doesn’t come close to describing this group.
Mayor Nancy Krasne of Beverly Hills, (now there is a place that accurately represents the typical, Small Town USA,) is “outraged” and has disavowed any connection to Lauren Ashley, 23. Ashley is a contestant in the Miss California USA and claimed to represent Beverly Hills. Worse yet, she is not from Beverly Hills, but from that hotbed of homophobes, Pasadena. Then the ultimate crime, Ashley came out against gay-marriage.
(Remember last year’s winner, Carrie Prejean, made similar statements and forced to resign her Miss California spot. She lawyered-up and sued the tiaras right off the pageant’s organizers.)
According to the pageant rules, you do not have to live in the town to claim to represent it. Ashley could have claimed Death Valley. Not exactly a place that brings glamour to mind. However if she had a very good tan or did her talent portion with rattlesnakes it might be appropriate. (That would be a change from baton twirling really worth watching.)
I could care less about anyone’s sexual orientation. I’ve said so in print on more than one occasion. It is none of my business. The thing that gets me into a raging snit is the PC portion of the issue.
Since when did it become inappropriate to express your beliefs? When did freedom of speech, or freedom of the press for that matter, become subservient to real, or imagined hurt feelings? That being said, I believe I smell something fishy.
If you have been in the journalism racket for anything longer than 15 minutes, you quickly learn how to setup the person you are interviewing. The classic is, “Have you stopped beating your wife”? Any response is an instant death sentence.
So all someone has to do is look at the bios that are published about each of the contestants, corner them appropriately, and sit back and wait for the scandal to ensue.
On the other side of the coin, all a contestant has to do is pick out a controversial subject, hold forth, and wait for the free publicity to come pouring in. The quote attributed to P.T. Barnum, “I don’t care what they write about me, as long as they spell my name right”, sums it up.
Let us not forget Her Honor the Mayor who cashed in on the deal. I imagine that Beverly Hills has a larger percentage of Gay-Rights advocates then say, Newberry, S.C. a city with roughly the same sized population. Since she claimed to be “outraged”, I am sure we all must feel her pain.
So, here are the results. The media manufactured a moneymaking controversy. Ashley got some free ink. The mayor picked up a few warm, fuzzy votes. Meanwhile, we were diverted from important issues, once again.© 2010, Harmony County.


Written by harmonycounty

March 7, 2010 at 4:42 p03

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