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What’s for supper?

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This story appeared recently on the AP Wire. “Italian state TV has suspended a cooking show host who shocked the nation by saying cat stew is a Tuscan delicacy he swears he has enjoyed many times.
“RAI TV confirmed on Wednesday that it had suspended Beppe Bigazzi, the 77-year-old host of a popular morning program that offers food tips and recipes in a country fiercely proud of its cuisine…”
First off how could anyone take anything serious from a guy with the name of ‘Beppe’? But, during the course of his explanation of how yummy cat stew is, he did give the preparation instructions. He did not suggest an accompanying wine.
In the course of my travels, I have managed to gag down some local delicacies that we in the States would consider a bit strange. Among them were horse, monkey, parrot, iguana, and a good deal of mystery meat I had sense enough not to ask what it was.
“Grin and bear it”, is a good rule of thumb if you do not want to insult your host. (If you ever have to eat water buffalo, I recommend you have your game teeth in tight. You are about to do some serious chewing.)
My son John who recently returned from Iraq said when invited to eat in Iraqi Army mess halls said the Army policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” took on a very different meaning.
We eat some strange stuff depending upon the region. From Florida to Louisiana, it is not unusual to have alligator served in some of the best restaurants. Rattlesnake is considered by some to be a treat out west.
Bland, boring grits will not be found north of Washington D.C. You will quickly learn that they will look at you as if you had two heads if you order them.
However, if you serve up Charleston style ‘shrimp and grits’ at a dinner party you will be asked for the recipe by the most hardcore New Englanders.
The real Brunswick in Brunswick stew is not chicken; it is squirrel and not bad at all. And let us not forget the absolute truth in the old adage when it comes to the hoi polloi hog. “Everything but the oink”, is no joke. If you are squeamish, I don’t recommend reading the ingredients list on the label of a package of pork sausage.
I would not be too quick to slam Beppe. Some time ago, the people in College Park, Ga. were treated to cat whether they wanted it or not. It seems a local Chinese restaurant was caught by the Health Department putting cat meat in their eggrolls.
They were closed down for about a month and then were allowed to reopen. However, they reverted to the old ways and meow was once again on the menu. This time they were shut down for good and got a lion-sized fine.
However, the question remains unanswered; what kind of wine goes best with Fluffy flambé? © 2010, Harmony County.


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March 7, 2010 at 4:42 p03

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