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   I hate to be an “I told you so”, actually I quite enjoy being an, “I told you so”. It seems that Elena Kagan breezed through her nomination to the Supreme Court by 63 to 37. So all of the speculation and ink was wasted on a ‘sure thing’ as predicted. The SC Senators split their votes. Jim DeMint against and Lindsey Graham for her appointment. Why?

   The only bad part that I can think of is that rookie Justice Kagan is going to have to go through an undetermined period of on-the-job-training. OJT, as I recall, usually starts at the bottom of the heap not at the tippy top. What I am saying is that Justice Kagan has never swung a gavel in her life. In addition, unlike most OJT programs, you cannot fire her if she does not cut it in the first 90 days.

   Through the combination of observing politics for many years, I always thought Roosevelt was one of our best presidents, Teddy not Franklin, and getting my crystal ball out of hock I would like to make some political prognostications.

   Nikki Haley is a lead pipe cinch for governor. You will remember the come from behind win that she pulled at the last minute. This victory was in a large way due to the two yo-ho’s who said that they had extramarital relations with Haley. That one ended up as doing her more good than harm. She came out swinging and the two lads got suddenly very sheepish, very quite, and very scarce.

   But, we have to remember one thing. In most Southern states, the office of Governor is pretty toothless. The real political power is usually with the Speaker of the House. The only time the Gov. can get anything accomplished is with the Speaker’s support.

   Right now Haley is not the favorite of the politicos. Transparency will do that to you. So if Nikki promised an eternal salvation program she would have a tough time getting it through the house.

   Congressman Joe Wilson will win, but he will be looking over his shoulder up until Election Day. There has been a ton of out-of-state cash thrown at both candidates and I am not very keen about that.

   So we the people are going to end up with a Governor who is already at odds with the backroom boys. At the national level, we will have a Republican Congress and a Democratic White House. It doesn’t look like much is going to be accomplished for at least two years.

    ( Bob and Bridie Wren Update. Bridie is ensconced in the nest and poor Bob is racing back and forth carrying tiny pizza boxes and containers of Chinese food all day long. I tried to take a peek at the nest and once again was driven off. It is amazing how a creature that is 1/800 of my size can shove me around. So, I do not know if the chicks have hatched. I will keep you posted.) © 2010, Harmony County


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August 12, 2010 at 4:42 p08

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