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Hail and farewell

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Last week we had a state level ‘Hail and Farewell’ on the steps of the Capitol. It was the swearing in of the new Governor, Nikki Haley and the swearing at the out going governor, the ever lovely and popular Mark Sanford.

According to a press release Sanford was heading back to his plantation, before he was elected it was a farm, in Beaufort County. He was supposed to be, “driving his pick-up down I-26”.

Somehow or the other that image does not quite ring true. I cannot see South Carolina’s most famous hiker barefoot, in bib overalls, and straw hat, out there chopping cotton or hoeing beans. But, who knows, maybe his ex-wife put enough of a hurt on him that he has to.

It was odd how at the ceremony Jenny Sanford was seated directly behind the outgoing governor. I suspect that the State Police had their metal detectors going full blast. Personally, if my less than cordial ex were sitting behind me I would be in a big hurry to flip Haley the keys and be on my way.

Cooperation was the buzzword in all the speeches that followed. The Governor was going to cooperate with the Senate. The House was going to cooperate with the Governor. The Senate was going to cooperate with the Governor. The Governor was going to cooperate with the House.

Seeing how it is a Republican Governor with the majorities in the House and Senate both being Republican it seems like a piece of cake, just like last go around when the numbers were roughly the same. The only problem was that nearly every veto that came out of the Governor’s office came bouncing back like a legislative version of the kid’s toy paddleball.

I would give a three-day pass and a case of GI soap just to hear one politico say, “There is no way I’m going to cooperate with the Governor. She was a selectively transparent pain in the ass when she was here before and it is payback time.”

So I give the cooperation honeymoon about two weeks, tops.

I have one complaint about the coverage. The statement was made, “She is the State’s first female governor and the first non-white governor.” I have never found it necessary to state the obvious, unless Nikki Haley was doing an Elton John on us for quite some time.

The other was the “non-white” crack. OK, if you insist, but you forgot to mention that she is also a non-Eskimo, non-Patagonian, or non-Swede. For all that matters, the entire elected government is non-Eskimos. However, if the non-Eskimos gather under their non-ness miracles can happen.

So here we are; a newbie in the front office and the same good ol’ boys back in town. The problem is between the two of them we have an estimated $830 million deficit and guess who is going to have to come up with the cash to pay it off.

Anyone out there care to cooperate?© 2011, Harmony County


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January 20, 2011 at 4:42 p01

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