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There has been a great deal of ink used and a bunch of airtime concerning two of Governor Halley’s recent actions. The first is ‘transparency’ in government and the second is the appointment of a State Inspector General.

As I have brayed on before, if you have been in the newspaper business for 15 minutes or more you develop a BS detector. So, when certain state senators hold up a simple bill that requires all votes be recorded and released to the public at the time of the vote I have got to ask the musical question, “What are these guys hiding”?

One of the senators said the reason why he was not letting the bill go through committee was, “We don’t need a lot of trial lawyers holding up bills”. I wonder what a trial lawyer has to do with bills that are not even laws yet”? Also, how can a trial lawyer hold up a bill? Anybody out there see a smoke screen besides me?

Another thing I find odd. At the town and county level, all deliberations, with the exception of personnel matters, i.e. hiring and firing, must be in the open. At the top of the pile, anyone can access the voting records of any federal representative or senator. So why are state reps so special?

Then there is the newly formed Inspector General office. First off, I am surprised that there was never such an office before.

Do not get me wrong, I have no deep regard for IGs. When I was in the military, I had to stand too many IG inspections. Actually, one is more than enough. If you see a bunch of haggard GIs with baggy eyes, who look like they have not slept in a week it is a safe bet that they are going through an IG inspection.

If given a choice between standing an IG inspection and having all their teeth removed without the benefit of anesthesia there would be a large group of soldiers whose diet would consist exclusively of grits and mashed potatoes.

It has been long said that the two biggest lies in the Army are when the IG comes through the door and says, “I am here to help” To which the commander replies, “We are glad to see you”.

In the military nothing is sacred to the IG. He can look anywhere and at anything. If he tells you to open up your bottom desk drawer there had better be “Sports Illustrated” in there as opposed to your collection of “German Nudist Weekly”.

I am curious as to how much authority the new SC IG has. If you think there was a flap about the ‘transparency’ issues just wait to see what hits the fan when the IG finds his first bit of hanky-panky going on in one of the state’s departments.

God forbid it involves one of the state senators who are opposed to the open voting legislation. Things will get interesting then.© 2011, Harmony County


Written by harmonycounty

March 24, 2011 at 4:42 p03

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