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Shaping up politically

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We may have got a record holder in South Carolina. Lt. Governor Ken Ard, after only three months on the job, managed to get a pork barrel full of state ethics charges against him. Depending upon who you read the charges number 92 or 106. All of which concern his spending campaign funds for personal use.

This is Chicago-class political high jinks at its best. I always thought that any charges over 50 were superfluous and sloppy. I was just surprised that the committee who came up with the charges so fast. They must have been burning the midnight oil to get them in so short a time.

However, in the words of the McGowan Family motto, “Non convicium damnationem”, or, “An indictment is not a conviction” so let us not rush to judgement. There are only 92 to106 possible ways for Ard to get the axe.

I have got a funny feeling that we are not going to hear anymore about changing the State’s election laws to have candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor run on the same ticket. Right now Typhoid Mary and Ken Ard share the same popularity.

And since we are touching briefly on elections I would like to offer a prize to my fellow members of the Fourth Estate. The grand prize for this contest is a three-day pass and a case of GI soap. Both items are favorites with the members of the Third Degree.

The prize will be awarded to the first persons who mentions that Governor Nikki Haley is being considered as a dark horse candidate for the Presidency. I believe that out there somewhere is a member of the Fifth Column that has sufficient numbers of loose screws to come up with that goofy notion. You think I am kidding? Just standby.

Since Sarah ‘Moosemeat’ Palin seems to be fading fast and there is a raft of Republican undecided politicos not throwing their hats into the ring, why not Haley.

My personal favorite is Donald Trump. One can only imagine what the White House would look like once he got through decorating it. His cabinet meetings would make great TV.

Another thing that is bouncing around the state house is a tough illegal aliens law, ala Arizona. Of course we are not talking about a large carnevorus bird who is feeling poorly. We are talking about people who come into this country and breaking well established laws to do so.

The laws are on the federal books and those guys are doing very little to enforce them. Building a 900 mile fence on a 1,900 mile border ain’t going to cut it. It must also be remembered that the latino vote is vital to the Democrats so they are going to do some seious foot dragging.

One thing that is seldom mentioned is what the lack of enforcement does to the people who spend the time, money and effort to get into the country legally. I hope the SC lawmakers come down hard.© 2011, Harmony County


Written by harmonycounty

March 31, 2011 at 4:42 p03

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