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Sometimes I just cannot figure out what it is with Steve Spurrier and his desire to get his name in the media.

I am sure you recall the hard-line stance, “six strikes and you are out”’ he took when quarterback Steve Garcia managed to semi-come back into the fold. Whether or not Garcia starts is still very much in the air. There are a couple of months between now and the season opener. So, unless Spurrier has Garcia chained up under the stadium only time will tell. That kid is downright creative when it comes to breaking the rules, be they team, school, city, state and federal.

Now that the team is, largely, back home enjoying their vacations and getting arrested by the local cops, there should not be many reasons for Spurrier to get in front of the cameras or call a press conference. Remember, that last statement is coming from a person who thought that ‘New Coke’ would be a big hit.

That is when Spurrier let the other cleat drop. He announced that he was in favor of paying his players $300 a month for “a living allowance” to help defray “expenses”. It was also to make the players less at risk to bribes and other allurements.

As you might well imagine in both the SEC and the NCAA the head beavers were not inclined to agree. It was rumored that references to extended cold spells in the satanic realm and the possibility of Osama bin Laden being elected Pope were used as comparisons to the $300 expense account ever coming about.

Sources say that many of the alumni were outraged since Spurrier was overstepping his bounds and entering their area of responsibility. In addition, one said, “That’s chump change”.

What Spurrier failed to realize was that he was putting a price tag on amateur athletics. Let us see, $300 for USC, $400 for Auburn and maybe $500 for Alabama. Just what you would like to see, a bidding war for jocks. What would be the running price of a good left-handed pitcher, how about a point guard, or a sprinter?

There is payment for playing for a college. It is called a scholarship. The going price for in-state tuition at USC is around $10,000. The room and board fees are around $12,000 and other stuff adds up for another $3,000. The student has to pay for his clothes, gas money, cell phone, and bail

Not every one gets a full ticket free ride however, plenty do, and most of the others get at least a partial. That comes out to over $100,000 in four years.

It has been quite some time since I have written a check to various Bursars to pay for my children’s education. For this, I am truly grateful. More than once, we came close to beans and rice as the principle and sole items on the menu. When a scholarship was awarded to one of the kids, it was a blessing.

I have a proposal. Spurrier just got a big raise. Why not take the amount of the raise and pay it to the players? Come on Coach, Share. © 2011, Harmony County


Written by harmonycounty

June 16, 2011 at 4:42 p06

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