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How dare you pray

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It is probably well known that I am not an outwardly religious person. I have always maintained that the subject of religion is a private thing. However, the anti-religious types, under the cloak of ‘separation of state and church’ are at it again.

It seems that the Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 based in Beaufort cannot use their nickname, “Crusaders”. The Squadron last deployed to Iraq in 2008. Out of courtesy, they dropped the ‘Crusaders’ moniker while they were there and reverted to their WWII nickname, ‘Werewolves’. When they came back they were ‘Crusaders’ again. However, recently a USMC three-star said they could not use it any longer.

There are a couple points I would like to make. First, a werewolf is a fictional character. The only damage they can do is leave you thoroughly confused with an upset stomach and a headache if you watch the current TV programs.

However, a Crusader was a guy in iron underwear with a really big sword and a lance and knew how to use them.

I can see how the ‘Crusader’ label might upset our gallant Iraqi allies. But, I do not recall them removing the symbols of Islam in the event that we may find it upsetting.

However, there were quite a few upset Muslims when they saw a flight of fully armed F-18s bearing down on them with the intent on sending them on to paradise through the liberal use of high explosives and napalm, the old “shake and bake” technique.

The USMC flyers could have called themselves, “Lollipops” or “Unicorns” I am sure their targets could have cared less since the net effect would have been the same.

So, those groups who are determined to remove religion from all phases of military life have won another victory. To them I have a reality check.

When any GI is about to be placed in harm’s way nobody, but nobody is going to stop them from saying a prayer for his or her safety and the safety of their buddies. The Chaplain is a comfort to all and they could care less what denomination the Padre represents. (Padre is a universal term of respect for all chaplains.)

Trust me; I have seen the toughest, most heavily armed paratroopers who could hardly put one sentence together without blaspheming on bended knee just before they loaded on the aircraft that was going to drop them into a very bad place.

Another target of the separation advocates is the classroom. In public schools they have had some success. Some district sidestepped the ‘no prayer’ by having a moment of silence before the school day starts. I suppose that is fair. However, as long as there are algebra tests there is going to be prayer in schools.

It was odd that when the Supreme Court ruled that the Ten Commandments had to be removed from the front of an Alabama courthouse the judges were seated in front of a huge plaque containing the same Commandments. © 2012, Jim McGowan



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June 7, 2012 at 4:42 p06

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