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Sebastian Cabot’s glimpse into hell

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Yesterday on FaceBook someone posted an article about the actor, the late Sebastian Cabot. I met the gentleman under less then ideal circumstances.
Mr. Cabot was on a handshaking tour in Vietnam in ’69. We were stationed in the “Street Without Joy” area in northern I Corp in RVN. It was supposed to be an area in the rear with low contact and was a place where we could relax a bit after some intense fighting on the line.
We went out on a dawn security patrol and we came upon a village that had been mortared the night before. There were wounded and dead all about and the villagers were terrified. I called in medivacs and we did the best we could to help. Over the radio I was told the local South Vietnamese had mortared the place as punishment because the villagers refused to leave their home and go into a controlled area.
Getting angry in combat is a stupid and sometimes fatal thing to do. But there were some flaming mad paratroopers in that village and we would have gone after the South Viets if we had the chance.
Cabot was in a command bunker when we came in from a patrol madder than hell. Since I came in from the blazing sun to a dark bunker I couldn’t see him. There I was armed to the teeth, swearing like a ‘trooper’ (I was one) and it scared the hell out of him. But he got an exposure to war that few outside of the combat arms experience.


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June 12, 2013 at 4:42 p06

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