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“Stupid is as stupid does”

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Once again the voters in Harmony County got slammed for being “stupid” by the powers that be in Washington, DC. Normally folks would be insulted by that remark, but when the smart phones they are carrying around are about 20 IQ points higher than the people who use them the slur might not be too far off the mark.
The whole “stupid” flap started when the Obamacare laws got railroaded through the Congress around two years back. It was touted as an all things for all people law that was going to provide healthcare at reasonable prices for everyone in the country, whether you were here legally or not. The author of this “one size fits all” tome was a fellow named Gruber, a lower level staff weenie for President Obama.
Brother Gruber filled up his coffee pot with double expresso, sharpened all of his pencils and set to. After a marathon effort he produced a 1,200 page epic. Let me give you an idea of how big it was. The next time you are in a place that sells paper stack up three reams and pick it up. A pretty hefty bundle is it not?
This ‘Bill’ was written in a combination of medical-speak and legalese. Two languages, when combined, are as easy to understand as Vulcan. (“Live long and prosper”.) So what we have was a book that was approximately 840,000 words long. This puts it as number five or six on the list of longest novels ever written in English. Not only was surprisingly it long, it flew through both houses of Congress in less than two weeks
Hang on, these people cannot agree upon the color of the rest rooms without months of tedious debates, but cradle to grave health care for everyone in the country became law at warp speed. So this is where I have to ask, “Who is really stupid here?” even Nancy Pelosi said, “First we will pass it, then we will read it.”
I suppose we are second-hand stupid. We were the ones that put these world-class speed-readers in office. They got the bill, genuflected in the direction of the White House, and said in unison, “Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full,” and we got us an unread law. Since then virtually nothing that was hyped about Obamacare has come to pass. If anything services are down, insurance prices up, doctors headed for the tall and uncut, the online registration program, written by a Canadian company, cratered and not nearly as many folks have signed up.
Well, we got us a whole new crew up in Washington. These conservatives are supposed to fix everything and set the world right. I have followed politics for more years than I am willing to admit. However, as far as I am concerned Teddy Roosevelt was the last decent president we had.
We have another election coming in two years. If these yard birds don’t do a proper job. Then it is time to throw the rascals out.© 2014, Jim McGowan


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November 20, 2014 at 4:42 p11

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