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Facebook addiction

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Most of us have managed to be seduced by the evil that is Facebook. According to
FB Hilldog is good and Bernie is bad. No, hold on, Bernie is good and Hilldog is
bad. Wait a minute, Trump is going to destroy America. President Obama is the
greatest president ever. Ah geez, I got that backwards. President Obama is evil
and Trump is going to save America.

My personal favorite is that Elvis and Bigfoot were seen in Wally World picking
out curtains. Could it be that they are an item?

There are a few staples in the FB world. One of them is pix of kids and
grandkids. Admittedly some of the little munchkins are cute and all, but on a
scale of one to ten most of these little burpers are hard pressed to get a
three. I never post any photos of the McGowan Clan. If you want to see what they
look like just go to the Post Office and look at the bulletin board.

Pets are also a very popular subject. I am guilty of this one. The Kilkenny
Brothers have had their fuzzy mugs plastered on the net. Much to my surprise no
one made any comments. Then it occurred to me that the old saw, “You’ve seen
one, you’ve seen them all” may apply. The picture of a kitty cat may not be all
that interesting.

The downside of the critter pix are the ones of the animals that are up for
adoption. I have a soft spot between my ears for animals. The people who run
these adoption agencies are to be admired. However, when these sad visaged, and
lonely pets are hundreds of miles away there is no way I can adopt them.
Particularly when our county adoption facility is less than two miles away and
is packed.

FB also can be considered an electronic yard sale. Some of the stuff flat defies
description. I saw a complete set of six soup bowls in various colors. They were
in the shape of a toilet bowl. Let that set in. Care to buy a collection of
adult toys? They were only slightly used. One thing for sure DO NOT buy any
vehicles on FB. This is hard experience talking. That truck I got in August has
spent way more time in the shop then it has in my shed.

There are some upsides to the FB postings. I have seen and tried some of the
recipes. A few of them I would never have thought of myself. They are nummy.
However, the extra poundage I have put on is the price I paid.

The downside are the inundation of celebrity postings. Trust me on this one, if
I never see another article about the Kardashians (Pick one, anyone.),
BradJulina, or that he/she/it Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner my life will go on.

Well, I guess I have let off enough steam. I’m going to hook up with “The King”
and his hairy buddy for a few cocktails at the local saloon. “Thank you. Thank
you very much.”


Written by harmonycounty

November 12, 2015 at 4:42 p11

Posted in Humor

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  1. LOL I agree about FB can be the devil and pounds added to the girth between recipes and sitting here consumed with social media and time escaping.I’ve gotten better with my Sheldon mentality I need to join an FBA thou so I can get my house cleaned,my major down fall of nesting on the sofa with doing ‘likes’.

    Erin Esmarosa

    November 13, 2015 at 4:42 p11

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